Paintings, post 1996

Bluebirds In October

1995, 20x24, oil

   This is the transition piece, after Bill read of Van Gogh's attempts to transcend mere photographic realism.  The foreground, the coyote, the tree, are all very realistic, in the  style of his earlier representational work.  The sky, however, is a precursor to the more abandoned style that he would develop.


1997, 24x30

Trapper's Lunch

1997, 16x20

Rabble Rule

1998, 18x24

Soul Of The Tyger

1997, 20x24

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Stay Out  Of The Kitchen

1998, 20x24

The Shephard

1998, 20x24

And Then Came Man

1999, 24x48

Bikini Atoll

1999, 20x24

A woefully common misconception is that adults in positions of authority know what they're doing.
               Holman Jenkins

Remembering Summer

1999, 20x24


2000, 20x24

Before any match was struck or candle lighted, someone spoke well of the sun

                                        John Haines

How Colonels Become Generals

2000, 20x24

I was on the field for a short time yesterday afternoon—it was a dreadful sight—dead men, women and children.  More squaws were killed than men.  I have never been in a fight before where women were killed, and I hope never to be.  Our loss was 50 killed and wounded. 

          Major Edwin C. Mason 
                        from a letter written to his wife,

    August 18,   1877 

Life I

2000, 20x24

Life II

2000, 20x24

Next Level Of Civilization

2000, 20x24

In this world we think we know, 
something will always 
be hidden, whether a fern-rib 
traced in the oldest rock, 

or a force behind our face, 
like the pulse of a reptile, 
dim and electric. 

A possibility we hadn't 
thought of, too tall 
and thick to be believed. 

              John Haines

The Caged Bird

2003, 20x16

This bird was happy once in the high trees
You cage it in your cellar, bring it seed,
Honey to sip, all that its heart can need
Or human love can think of:  till it sees,
Leaping too high within its narrow room
The old familiar shadow of the leaves,
And spurns the seed with tiny desperate claws.
Naught but the woods despairing pleads,
The woods, the woods again, it grieves, it grieves.

                   Bothius, Roman 480 –524 AD

Souls Of The Deluded

2000, 24x20

Whale Research

2001, 30x40


2002, 20x24

Sunny Day In Yellowstone

2003, 20x24

A Trip I Remeber

2004, 20x24

“The weather was not what he knew it once
The nights were terribly damp;
And he never was free of the rheumatiz
Except when he had the cramp”
                                Author unknown


2004, 24x20

Tainted Revelations

2004, 24x20

Children Love Justice

2005, 20x24

For Children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.

                          G. K. Chesterton

The Horse Herd

2005, 30x40

Be Thou Always As A Stranger And A Guest Upon This Earth

                       Thomas Kempis

2006, 30x40

Tough Job

2007, 20x24

We have a criminal jury system which

is superior to any in the world; and

its efficiency is only marred by

the difficulty of finding twelve

men every day who don't know

anything and can't read.

               Mark Twain, 1873

Clouded Leopard

2007, 20x16

Go Forth And Multiply

2008, 20x24

Old Natives, Bold Natives

2009, 20x24

There are old natives and bold natives, but no old, bold natives.

(Adapted from a phrase about pilots during WWII)


2010, 40x30

And so with a boundless heart should one cherish all living things.


Sinners, Ailing Beast, And Angels

2010, 20x24

Hope And Truth For The Little Sinners

2008, 24x20

They Meant Well

2008, 20x24

We Weep

2009, 20x24

The year the last known Tasmanian wolf was killed, the legislature passed a law protecting the species.

Chaotic World

2012, 24x20

To know what you prefer instead of accepting what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.

                               Robert Louis Stevenson

Wilderness II

2011, 20x24