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Paintings, pre-1995

   Bill Ohrmann has gained his most recent notoriety with the series of painting that he did after 1995.  However, he drew and painted all of his life, from his school days, through his adult hood, and into his senior years.  As one would expect, his early works were fairly simple, with animals not always in perfect proportion and a limited color palette.  While serving in New Guinea in WWII, he would illustrate letters that his fellow GI's were sending home.  His usual subjects were wildlife or the old West.

   In his high school days, he took a correspondence class for aspiring artists.  Other than that, he had no formal training.  He said at times that he thought art lessons too often only taught the student to draw or paint like the teacher.  However, he noted how his favorite artists (especially C.M. Russel) approached their canvases and learned from them.  Many of his paintings were inspired by his love of nature, and his time spent in the outdoors.  Reading the Lewis and Clark journals inspired several paintings.  His love of Western history, including before the advance of the whites, led to other works.  All of his later paintings were with oil, but until about 1970 he oftentimes used watercolor.

   His later works (post 1996) were influenced by Van Gogh and other impressionists, but some of his earlier works show that he had experimented with color and content.  The following set of paintings are presented in more or less chronological order, which lets the viewer follow the progress from amateur to professional.


Elk And Waterfall

1944, 10x12, watercolor

   In the summer of 2016, I found a stash of paintings that my father did, in the attic of the shop.  This and several of the paintings on this page were in that stash.  I had never seen most of them, and Dad had passed, so I couldn't get the stories behind the paintings.  I believe this painting was inspired by a camping trip he and his brother-in-law took when he was home on furlough during WW II.

Elk In Meadow Creek

1946, 14x22, pen and ink

Another work inspired by camping in what is now the Lincoln Scapegoat Wilderness.



1947, 17x23, oil

Elk Herd, Winter

1951, 24x28, oil


Buffalo Hunters

1950's, 10x14, tinted pen and ink


Buffalo Hunter

1959, 18x30, watercolor


Elk And Bear

1954, 18x24, oil


Back To The Herd

1960's, 15x20, watercolor


Elk And Quarter Moon

1962, 16x20, oil


Jane With Horses

1966, 16x20, oil


Wagon Scout

1967, 16x20, oil


Abstract Cowboys

1960's, 16x20, watercolor


Carabou And Northern Lights

1969, 20x24, oil


Indian Family

1971, 22x28, oil


Desert Rams

1973, 16x20, oil


The Searchers

1977, 18x24, oil

In this life people seek different things,

Some of us search for we know not what.

And our time, a candle length,

isn’t always enough-----

Bill Ohrmann


Prairie Fire

1960's, 16x20, watercolor



1968, 11x15, watercolor


Lewis On The Missouri

1970, 22x28, oil


Wolves And Buffalo

1973, 18x24, oil


Elk And Beargrass

1975, 18x24, oil


Berry Picking

1992, 16x20, oil

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