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Steel Sculpture

   In 1996, at the age of 78, Bill Ohrmann expanded his genre of art with a welded steel sculpture of a standing grizzly bear.  From then until 2012, a large steel sculpture, and several small ones, came out of the shop every summer.  His son John helped him with most of the pieces, starting with being the 'grunt' welder to full collaboration with concept, design, and execution. John continues to create sculptures in the same shop, taking commissions and doing pieces to satisfy his own muse. 


"King, Kodiak Bear"

Bill and John Ohrmann, 2012

Welded steel and stainless steel

   This was the last steel sculpture Bill made, with the assistance of his son John.  We went to the records of Boone and Crocket for size, and this sculpture represents a the actual size of a large Kodiak bear.



Bill Ohrmann with his

first bear, 1996


Elk, 2000,

   This sculpture is a full sized rendition of an American elk.  The antlers are a faithful reproduction of the set of antlers from an elk my father harvested in the Ovando area in the 1930's


Woolly Mammoth

welded steel, stainless steel, 2002

   The largest sculpture to come out of the shop, the woolly mammoth is full sized-12 foot at the shoulder.

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